Homemade sausages and burgers.

Our award-winning, hand-linked sausages are available in a wide variety of meats and flavours. We make them all in-house using 100 % free range pork, prime beef or venison with added herbs and spices and we use only natural hog skins for the casings.

We are also the home of the award winning Midhurst Royal Sausage – it’s made using a naturally smoked bread crumb and a variety of other secret ingredients.

As well as the more traditional Lincolnshires or Cumberlands, we offer a wide range of other flavours, such as:

  • plain pork in a traditional sausage or chipolata
  • pork and leek
  • pork and apple
  • pork and mushroom
  • pork with cracked black pepper
  • pork with caramelised onion and red pepper
  • lamb and mint
  • spicy merguez
  • beef and horseradish
  • venison and red wine

Our 100% prime beef burgers are hand-made in the shop with freshly minced beef. If you fancy something a bit different though then there are plenty of other choices. Try our beef with onion or cracked black pepper, pork with apple or sundried tomato or go for the lamb and mint instead.