Our beef is either locally sourced from the National Trust at Woolbeding or is prime Scotch beef.

The cattle at Woolbeding are Belted Galloways; perfectly suited to turning rough hill pasture into the finest quality meat. To ensure winter warmth, the ‘Beltie’ has a double coat of hair rather than the layer of backfat that most other breeds require. Their meat is therefore lean and succulent.

Our prime Scotch beef is all Aberdeen Angus; born and reared in Scotland and renowned for its eating quality.

We hang our beef in the traditional way for 3 – 5 weeks. This ensures deeply flavoured, beautifully marbled, deliciously tender meat that is wonderful to cook and even better to eat.

Whether you’re looking for some fresh mince, a flavoursome roasting joint or a juicy steak, rest assured we have it all. We even have some of the more unusual cuts for the more adventurous cook!