Meet the Team

Jack Cooper (End Left), Nikki Holden (2nd to Left), Ashley Stillwell (Middle), Leon Stillwell (2nd to Right), Sam Stillwell (End Right).


We’re a traditional, family-run butcher’s shop, offering high quality, locally-sourced meat, prepared using traditional butchery methods.

Our skilled, friendly staff are always happy to offer help and advice on choosing the best cut for a certain dish, cooking times or how much to allow per person.

Leon Stillwell

Leon became an apprentice butcher after finishing school at the age of 15, which is where his key knowledge and experience in butchery developed from. Further ahead in time, He has now been the proud owner and director of Michael Courtney’s for 8 years, which has become like a ‘home’ for him & his family. He is very passionate about the trade and still loves serving and seeing his loyal customers. Leon is a Sussex born and bred, he believes traditional butchery is all about great quality, good value and being fair.

Jack Cooper

Jack is the head butcher in the shop, He joined Michael Courtney’s straight out of school and has been a key member of the team for over 15 years. In fact, he’s been in the shop even longer than Leon has! Jack has learnt everything he knows on the job and now helps train the younger staff and oversees much of what goes on in the shop.

Neil Holden

Neil has been a traditional butcher for over 40 years now, He’s very enthusiastic towards his job and also a very skilled individual, Neil loves working at Michael Courtney Butchers to which he say’s “I will never leave!”.

Himself and Leon have been friends for a very very long time and have both aged working side by side each other in the meat trade. Friendship’s last forever and so do the memories made working at Michael Courtney’s.

Ashley Stillwell

After two years working for a major supermarket chain to gain valuable customer service experience, Ashley is now following in his father’s footsteps in becoming a butcher. He’s been a fully qualified butcher for a few years now and is enjoying his work environment and getting to know all of the customers he meets.

Sam Stillwell

Sam has certainly got the butchers gene and talent, Sam has been following in his brother & fathers footsteps, He has been awarded “Apprentice of the month” for his outstanding hard work on his butchery course. Sam is really enjoying mastering the butcher trade which he has grown up and lived around.

Nikki Holden

Nikki is the newest girl on the butchers block,  She joined Michael Courtney’s butchers straight out of education, with a high interest to learn and master the butcher trade. She’s a bubbly and polite girl and loves to interact with the customers.

Beverlie Stillwell

Beverlie is firstly Leon’s wife, which is a full time job in itself, never mind being Mum to their three children! Two of which are now full time butchers working for Dad. As a co-director with Leon to the family business Bev likes to help with the running style and layout of the shop and the staff that work there. When she has a spare minute you will find her helping Leon & our chef Sam to prepare all of the appetizers and delicious desserts which go out on our hog roasts and BBQ events.

Sam Holden

Sam is the linchpin of our new state of the art kitchen. She is the reason for all of the yummy pies, quiches, scotch eggs, pork pies and hams available in our shop today, With all of the other wonderful creations that come out of the kitchen. You name it, she can cook it! (PS – she slow cooks the hams overnight to make sure they’re extra tender and tasty)