Hog Roast Information Sheet

What does a Hog Roast cost and how many will it feed?

A standard Hog Roast costs £675. This will feed between 80 and 150 people, depending on how hungry your guests are! If there are more of you than that, we can cook more than one roast.

For fewer than 80 people we would normally recommend our BBQ service. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a Hog Roast for smaller parties – of course you can. However, if you do, you will have a lot of leftovers as there will still be the same amount of food available as for a much bigger party.


We can also offer a choice of salads for your guests. Just some of the options available include: potato salad, green salad, pasta salad, tomato and red onion salad with basil, various rice or couscous salads and hot new potatoes are also popular. We can also make salads to order so if there is something particular you would like then please do ask. All salads are dressed and served in large silver bowls.

Salads – £1.25 per salad per person.

What do we need on site?

Our team will arrive approximately seven hours before the time you would like the food to be served*, to cook the pig in one of our spit roast machines.  We will need access to electricity and water, but are otherwise self-sufficient. We bring everything else we need with us including a gazebo and serving tables.

We understand that all events are different: if you would prefer food to be served on plates with cutlery, perhaps with stuffing, then please contact us for a price. Alternatively you are welcome to provide these items yourself and instruct us on how you would like the food to be served.

*We take our lead from you as to when you would like your food served. If things change and you need to adjust the serving time please advise us as soon as possible before the day. If on the day you need us to stay longer please understand that time is money and we will charge per hour accordingly to cover our staffing cost.  Please ask for details as the number of staff varies from one event to another.

Hog Roast & BBQ deposits

All bookings require a £100 deposit to secure the date in our diary. This is fully refundable if cancellation is at least 8 weeks prior to the event date.  After that time no deposit will be refunded.