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Local Sussex Cattle and Belted Galloways now in stock!

Looking for local meat?

It really doesn’t get much closer than Woolbedding Common. All the beef we have in stock right now is from The National Trust parkland at Woolbedding.

We care about the quality of the meat we sell as well as it’s provenance and what sort of life it’s led. We hope you enjoy the fantastic range of local meat we have.

Sussex cattle

Local Sussex Cattle.

The beef produced from Sussex Cattle is renown for its eating qualities, being fine in texture, well marbled and traditional in flavour. It is also lightly boned, making the Sussex an ideal beast for traditional butchers like us.



Belted Galloways are perfectly suited to turning rough hill pasture into the finest quality meat. To ensure winter warmth, the Beltie has a double coat of hair rather than the layer of backfat most other breeds require. Their meat is therefore lean and succulent.



Tender and juicy

From steaks to roasts and everything else in between.

Seasonal Recipe Suggestions

Some of our favourite recipes and handy hints…

Hunters pie

Game Keepers Pie

Tailor this mash-topped stew to suit whatever game is in season – add more matured meat if you like a strong game flavour. Full recipe.




Baked Haggis

Baking this traditional Scottish meat pudding gives a light, savoury, mealy flavour that’s pure heaven. It’s a very easy recipe that really can’t go wrong. Full recipe

Neeps and Tattties

Neeps & tatties

‘Neeps’ are better known as swedes, the traditional Scottish accompaniment to haggis but this is also fantastic served with nearly all game meats. Find out more here.

“I’ve been buying my meat and cheese from the North Street shop almost weekly since they’ve been in operation. The staff are courteous, friendly and always willing to help; I could not recommend them more highly.”

A Constanduros, Midhurst.

“What can I say; great staff, great hog roast, quality from start to finish. I believe one of our friends have booked a hog roast as they were so impressed with their set up. All the best!”

Mrs A .T., Dulwich