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Local lamb in stock right now...

We have local lamb in the shop and like our local beef it comes from the National Trust land at Woolbeding Common. It’s a great option if you are concerned about the origin of your food, food miles and want to know that what you’re eating is a high quality product that has enjoyed a good life.

Spring lamb

Jamie’s Spring lamb with a vegetable platter.

Lovely lamb on a bed of spring veggies. Proper impressive and mega easy – this beautiful meal will go down an absolute treat Find out more here.
Roast sring lamb

Roast spring lamb with rosé wine & oranges

Perfect for an Easter celebration or a Sunday lunch and it’s an easy cook so more time to enjoy with your guests. Full recipe.

Lamb Skewers with Fig Relish and Cauliflower Couscous_LoRes

Lamb Skewers with Fig Relish and Cauliflower Couscous

This Middle-Eastern inspired lamb dish uses cubes of lamb neck fillet or shoulder and is marinated overnight with herbs and spices. A great entertaining or celebratory dish. Full recipe

Spring is tantalisingly close

All I need is a little glimpse of Spring to start me thinking about all my favourite dishes to cook at this time of year (just take a look at our lamb recipe suggestions).


What’s your favourite spring dish?

Winter food is great but it’s time to look to the future, to longer days, to a little more sunshine and some lighter dishes. We have all the different cuts of meat you could need, so come into the shop and tell us what you’re going to be cooking to welcome this fantastic new season!



Belted Galloways are perfectly suited to turning rough hill pasture into the finest quality meat. To ensure winter warmth, the Beltie has a double coat of hair rather than the layer of backfat most other breeds require. Their meat is therefore lean and succulent.

Sussex cattle

Local Sussex Cattle.

The beef produced from Sussex Cattle is renown for its eating qualities, being fine in texture, well marbled and traditional in flavour. It is also lightly boned, making the Sussex an ideal beast for traditional butchers like us.

“I’ve been buying my meat and cheese from the North Street shop almost weekly since they’ve been in operation. The staff are courteous, friendly and always willing to help; I could not recommend them more highly.”

A Constanduros, Midhurst.

“What can I say; great staff, great hog roast, quality from start to finish. I believe one of our friends have booked a hog roast as they were so impressed with their set up. All the best!”

Mrs A .T., Dulwich