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The Christmas Feast begins at the Butchers.


In 1213 England’s King John held a Christmas feast and royal administrative records show that one order included 24 hogshead of wine, 200 head of pork, 1,000 hens, 500 lbs of wax, 50 lbs of pepper, 2 lbs of saffron, 100 lbs of almonds, along other spices, napkins and linen. If that was not enough, the King also sent an order to the Sheriff of Canterbury to supply 10,000 salt eels.

Now we are not expecting you to be ordering all of these items or indeed in these quantities, but it would be great if you could order the items you do wish to grace your table this year. You can let us know which day you would like to collect and we will give you a ticket with your order number on so you won’t have to wait around too long when you come to collect.

To find out about all our Christmas items and how to order please see the link to our special Christmas page below.

Ultimate roast rib

Local Belted Galloway beef for Christmas.

This delicious beef is just the thing for a festive meal and it’s local! More information here…

Midhurst Christmas Turkey

Christmas at the Butchers

Free Range Turkeys and Geese, Home cooked Hams, Pigs in blankets. Everything you need to know and more can be found on our Christmas page.


slow cooked ham

Home-cooked hams.

Slow cooked over night for ham just the way you like it! See more information on our special Christmas Hams here…


“I’ve been buying my meat and cheese from the North Street shop almost weekly since they’ve been in operation. The staff are courteous, friendly and always willing to help; I could not recommend them more highly.”

A Constanduros, Midhurst.

“What can I say; great staff, great hog roast, quality from start to finish. I believe one of our friends have booked a hog roast as they were so impressed with their set up. All the best!”

Mrs A .T., Dulwich