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Autumn is finally here and so is Game season...

As the mornings are getting a little cooler and the evenings a little shorter…tummys start to think about warm and hearty food. Game season has some fantistic autumnal flavours with venison, wild duck, partridge, pigeon, pheasant and wild rabbit all coming into the shop, it goes brilliantly with the veg that is now in season which means you can really make the most of locally sourced food – nearly all our game is local to the immediate area.



Venison rumps to roast, diced to make hearty stews, saddle or rack to make a special meal or steaks to throw on the griddle.

Partridge 2


Partridge, simply grilled or roasted and served with a light gravy from the cooking juices, is a delicious dish that only needs sweet, roasted autumn vegetables, or traditional game chips (very thinly sliced potato crisps), as an accompaniment.

Mixed game

Diced mixed game

A selection of carefully prepared game ready for you to pop into a pie!

Seasonal Recipe Suggestions

Some of our favourite recipes and handy hints…


Pot roast partridge

1st September marked the beginning of the partridge shooting season and while it might be smaller than the pheasant, the partridge more than makes up for it with its mellow flavour. Full recipe


hunters pie

Hunters Pie

This tasty and hearty pie is a real winner! Great to get anyone to try game. It’s also low in fat so a healthy alternative to lamb or beef for anyone trying to loose a few pounds before Christmas.  Full recipe.

Wood Pigeon Bubble and Squeek.

With only 5 minutes preparation and 30 minutes cooking time this is the quickest and easiest week night game super ever! So easy anyone can try this. Find out more here.

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