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Sussex Cattle prime rib on special offer!

We have Sussex Cattle beef in stock now and it couldn’t be more local; coming from the National Trust parkland at Woolbedding just outside Midhurst.

The meat has a deep flavour and moist tenderness. Rich marbling throughout the meat and a succulent rind of creamy fat which keeps the meat moist during cooking, and gives it it’s rich taste.

It’s on special offer for this weekend with the Ribeye steaks and prime rolled rib being £16.99 per kg.

We also have T-bone steaks at the very special price of 21.95 per kg.

Ribeye from Sussex Cattle in Midhurst.

Ribeye from Sussex Beef Cattle.

The fat content gives it a lot of flavour. Cut ideally at least an inch thick and cook it a bit more than some steaks — medium or medium-rare — so it can absorb the fat.

Local Sussex Beef Cattle.

Sussex Cattle.

Quality beef is hung for at least three weeks; this increases tenderness and enhances flavour. Beef from an independent butcher like us is more likely to be of higher quality in terms of taste and tenderness – you will also know where it comes from.

Michael Courtney Butchers British T-bone

Sussex Cattle T-bone steaks.

Pure indulgence… a juicy sirloin and tender, melt in the mouth fillet seperated by the t-bone. The British Steak!

Love doesn't have to be so complicated...

We are told by many, many, many retailers that we should buy lots of expensive “tat” to show the special person in our life our undying love and devotion!

We have a more sensible suggestion; one that you could do on that fateful day the 14th February or any other day of the year too!
Cook them a special meal with exceptional ingredients! I’m sure they will appreciate the effort you have gone to in sourcing the perfect cut of meat, the one they really enjoy, it may not be your favourite but you’re doing this for them, it may also be locally sourced. If you get it from us it will definitely be great quality.


Boneless Rib of Beef with Thyme Butter,Caramelised Shallots and Madeira Gravy

The perfect valentines centrepiece with a bonless rib or sirloin joint with roasted shallots and port gravy. Full recipe.

How to cook the perfect T-bone.

Goardon Ramsey selects his favourite cuts of beef and explains how to prepare and cook for the perfect steak dinner. Full recipe.


Rib-eye steaks with chilli butter & homemade chips

Play it safe with the valentines staple of steak and chips. Full recipe.

“I’ve been buying my meat and cheese from the North Street shop almost weekly since they’ve been in operation. The staff are courteous, friendly and always willing to help; I could not recommend them more highly.”

A Constanduros, Midhurst.

“What can I say; great staff, great hog roast, quality from start to finish. I believe one of our friends have booked a hog roast as they were so impressed with their set up. All the best!”

Mrs A .T., Dulwich